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outside my window.

More bulbs emerge daily now in my landscape (THANK YOU, BULB HUNTER!), but super excited that so many of my daddy’s poppies came up from seed. He always gives me tons of the tiny black seeds and although I put them out in the fall – as directed –  either the birds or mulch make sure I never see a one. Not this spring! I was later getting mulch down than usual, and the warm winter (and my relatively squirrel-proof feeder-in-a-box) gave the chickadees and other songbirds more than enough to choose from without raiding the poppy seed stash.
This week my friend, photographer Kym Maier took new promo shots of me for my new book BLOOMIN’ TALES coming out in 3 three weeks. I was more than a little surprised to see a middle-aged relative looking back at me when I proofed the photos……. (Guess I’m only middle-aged if I live to be 102, right?)
The next couple of weeks I’m hard at work getting together my upcoming talks. Also hoping my two bales of straw get distributed evenly around the strawberries, tomatoes and peppers between rains this weekend. Maybe the skunks that call my yard “el bano” will earn their keep…..

outside my window.

My roses enjoyed the rain we got this week. So did some bulbs I got from my friend and co-author on HEIRLOOM BULBS, Chris Wiesinger.  (Most people know Chris best as “The Bulb Hunter.”) Double Roman, a historic daffodil believed to be cultivated since the 1500’s in Europe, naturalize well in the Coastal South, too. They bloom early and have a divine fragrance.

Although not the fragrance, a divine bloom in MY book is the cherry blossom. My oldest daughter and her husband live in the D.C. area so we traveled up for the Cherry Blossom Festival a couple years ago. It was breathtaking! I tried to get the feel at my house with a dwarf Mexican cherry since ornamental cherry trees don’t get enough cold here to bloom properly, but there is no comparison. The blooms transform Arlington Cemetery into something ethereal. The most moving moment was seeing the change of the guard that time of year.


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