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outside my window.

On my trip through the backroads of East Texas this last weekend, the daffodils were on their way out but irises were coming into their own.  I love heirlooms like the cemetery white iris and saw them gathered around oak trees, scattered across forgotten lawns and even escaping into the wild. Their ethereal blooms never fail to amaze me. My own cemetery whites haven’t started blooming yet, but my Louisiana irises have.  They are at home in a low spot in my front yard, growing lavish and thick where most other plants might drown.
Sunday afternoon I got the chance to spend time with The Bulb Hunter – my co-author on HEIRLOOM BULBS, Chris Wiesinger – and his wife, Rebecca, AKA “Lil Bulb.”  They invited me to the Little Red Cabin for a spot of tea and a sing-along, Rebecca at the piano and Chris, my aunt and I harmonizing on familiar old hymns.  Isn’t it amazing how a song or a scent or a bloom bring up a memory long forgotten? What memories do these things cause to bubble up in you?
Monday my aunt and I stopped in on Blue Moon Gardens near Edom, Texas. LOVE that place. I’m afraid I chided them about not having any of my books in stock. Hopefully that will be remedied soon, but couldn’t stay mad among all that beauty. Also couldn’t pass up buying a few things, although finding a home for them is going to be a tall order!
Next week I’ll head west to speak at the annual Herbal Forum at Round Top at the incredible Festival Hill.  I’m looking forward to what’s been projected as a record year for wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country, the perfect place to see bluebonnets and friends, which means YOU get to see them, too!

outside my window.

My roses enjoyed the rain we got this week. So did some bulbs I got from my friend and co-author on HEIRLOOM BULBS, Chris Wiesinger.  (Most people know Chris best as “The Bulb Hunter.”) Double Roman, a historic daffodil believed to be cultivated since the 1500’s in Europe, naturalize well in the Coastal South, too. They bloom early and have a divine fragrance.

Although not the fragrance, a divine bloom in MY book is the cherry blossom. My oldest daughter and her husband live in the D.C. area so we traveled up for the Cherry Blossom Festival a couple years ago. It was breathtaking! I tried to get the feel at my house with a dwarf Mexican cherry since ornamental cherry trees don’t get enough cold here to bloom properly, but there is no comparison. The blooms transform Arlington Cemetery into something ethereal. The most moving moment was seeing the change of the guard that time of year.


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