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Outside my window

Hi. Yes, I know I’ve been ignoring you. Have you missed me? Just as I thought. Can’t believe we are already in mid-June either, huh?

Projects around the house have me busy these days. As it gets hotter and I get older, I spend more time inside writing instead of outside planting, making it easier on the plants and on me! Easy seems to be a recurring theme with me lately and in that vein, thought I’d show you some SIMPLE and EASY ways to get instant gratification in your landscape.

How about you? Created any colorful projects at your house lately? I’d love to see them. Promise I won’t ignore you.

Want the Easter bunny to bring a book?

redbud in bloom (The Woodlands, Texas)

redbud in bloom

Today I’m enjoying a beautiful spring day: sunny, cool, low humidity. These are the types of days when I’m especially thankful to be a Texan! Redbuds and fringe tree are in their glory right now. I hate to gloat because so many of my friends are in misery with Old Man Winter breathing down their necks. In celebration of this spring and especially the EASTER season,

Gus peaking

Gus, the Wonder Cat, peaking out to see if it’s time to draw a name from the box yet.

I’ll be getting a book in the mail to you tomorrow, if you want one. That is, if Gus the Wonder Cat  wants YOU to win one. (He’s open to bribery, if you happen to have any fish flavored treats on you…..)Head over to my author FaceBook page to get in on the fun.

Baby E’s upcoming baptism has me wanting to diss work and head out to Abilene ASAP, however I’m speaking to the Houston SCBWI next Monday (come and join us for the FREE event!). I’ll speaking to the group about my summer spent at The Publishing Institute at University of Denver. It’s a difficult task to write or illustrate a children’s book and almost as hard guessing what those “books” might look like in the next couple of years. I’ve been trying to get a handle on the direction of publishing, looking at which format my readers might be meeting me with in an every-changing techno-world. That’s one of the reasons I went to grad school last summer. I’ll have out my crystal ball for the Houston writers and illustrators at their regular meeting, hoping my literary prognostications are more accurate than our weather forecasters lately. I realize in looking over my notes and photos just how much I’ve missed my friends and instructors in Denver – especially roomies Emily and Jen.

A room mate sandwich with me in the middle. Miss you, Jen and Em-dash!

A room mate sandwich with me in the middle. Miss you, Jen and Em-dash!

The other reason I went to Denver turned out to be a lie…Colorado in summer promised a respite from hot, humid Houston last summer, but promptly reneged on the deal. After a FREEZING 1st week of spring, I’m betting Colorado’s wishing she were a Texan right now, too!

outside my window.

One down and one to go……
The Texas Librarians are a fun bunch.  I know.  That’s hard to believe.  Librarians FUN?  I’ve decided it’s all in your perspective. When you are a 2nd grader who cannot keep her mouth shut (why are you all pointing at me???), the librarian seems awfully picky about solitude and silence.  (Remember Mrs. Barton at South Athens Elementary?  Boy, I do!  She was so beautiful but the only thing I think she ever said directly to me was, “That is ENOUGH, Miss Foster!” and I couldn’t imagine why she was always picking on me….) Spending time with librarians in the classroom on my school visits has given me great admiration for Mrs. Barton (who passed away a few months ago I heard.)  But hang out with them at their annual TLA convention and you get a whole NEW perspective.  They know how to have fun!  I appreciate they let me share some of that good time with the release of BLOOMIN’ TALES.


 Tomorrow (Saturday) I get to visit one of my favorite nurseries, The Arbor Gate in Tomball, Texas. Owner Bev Welch asked if I’d come talk about wildflowers and how to use them in the landscape.  Wildflowers are one of those enigmas: people drive miles to get a good look at them and have their babies/dogs/significant others photographed in the middle of them, but not too many people plant them in their own yard. Why? The comment I often get is “they look messy.”  I’ll dispel that myth by introducing folks to some incredible wildflowers for landscapes and show them how to make them a part of ANY style landscape. After all, a wildflower is simply a blooming plant that doesn’t need any help to grow. Who wouldn’t want a whole YARD of that?  Take a peek at a few wildflowers blooming at my house right now…..

Also, DON’T FORGET my photo caption contest is still happening on my Facebook Author Page!