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Home, but for how long?

My poor car’s become a 2nd home. By the way, having a 2nd home is not what it’s cracked up to be.

Moving seems like a good idea until the boxes are unloaded….

While I love to travel, there’s nothing better than waking up in my own bed. What a disappointment at my return when no fairy had been to my house to unpack moving boxes. In fact, I’d swear those boxes multiplied in my absence.

Some crafty guys sharing a fun day at Clark Gardens’ Fall Festival. Located between Mineral Wells and Weatherford, the gorgeous gardens looked and FELT like autumn with a windchill in the low-50’s, a rarity in early October Texas.

Artist (Joy Hein) and author (that’s me!) with our new book BLOOMIN’ TALES at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas

I was blessed with great traveling partners on a couple of my trips, making it much more fun…. unless the travel partner is hairy and meows the whole time we are in the car. His name is Captain Hook. He’s decided he’s a one-home type of guy, thank goodness.

Captain Hook is glad I’m home, even sharing HIS office with me.

Books, books and more books!

DPI class of 2012 trip to Frederic Printing, Denver

As I’m finishing up The Publishing Institute at University of Denver, I’m thankful to return to Texas. It’s beautiful and certainly not nearly so humid as we enjoy in the Houston area this time of year, but it is time to put into practice all I’ve learned. There will be lots of tears tomorrow when we graduate and I’m thankful for the many friends I’ve made and I know some will be life-longers. I’ve been encouraged, discouraged, sleep-deprived, and stretched. Cannot believe my +51 year old brain kept up with the many 20 somethings in my class, although it certainly did not run rings around any of them!

Speaking of publishing, I’d like to give away another copy of BLOOMIN’ TALES. Want one? I’m also receiving a shipment from my publisher of OUR SHADOW GARDEN, so if you’d like that instead, I’m happy to send it on to you. How can you win? Go to my author Facebook page and let me know you want one. It’s that simple! A relatively unbiased judge will choose a lucky winner next week. If you send someone else my author page and they tell me you sent them, you’ll be entered TWICE!

Send your gardening questions to me for GardenDishes. I’ll be cranking back up when I return to the real world next week.


outside my window.

More bulbs emerge daily now in my landscape (THANK YOU, BULB HUNTER!), but super excited that so many of my daddy’s poppies came up from seed. He always gives me tons of the tiny black seeds and although I put them out in the fall – as directed –  either the birds or mulch make sure I never see a one. Not this spring! I was later getting mulch down than usual, and the warm winter (and my relatively squirrel-proof feeder-in-a-box) gave the chickadees and other songbirds more than enough to choose from without raiding the poppy seed stash.
This week my friend, photographer Kym Maier took new promo shots of me for my new book BLOOMIN’ TALES coming out in 3 three weeks. I was more than a little surprised to see a middle-aged relative looking back at me when I proofed the photos……. (Guess I’m only middle-aged if I live to be 102, right?)
The next couple of weeks I’m hard at work getting together my upcoming talks. Also hoping my two bales of straw get distributed evenly around the strawberries, tomatoes and peppers between rains this weekend. Maybe the skunks that call my yard “el bano” will earn their keep…..