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Books, books and more books!

DPI class of 2012 trip to Frederic Printing, Denver

As I’m finishing up The Publishing Institute at University of Denver, I’m thankful to return to Texas. It’s beautiful and certainly not nearly so humid as we enjoy in the Houston area this time of year, but it is time to put into practice all I’ve learned. There will be lots of tears tomorrow when we graduate and I’m thankful for the many friends I’ve made and I know some will be life-longers. I’ve been encouraged, discouraged, sleep-deprived, and stretched. Cannot believe my +51 year old brain kept up with the many 20 somethings in my class, although it certainly did not run rings around any of them!

Speaking of publishing, I’d like to give away another copy of BLOOMIN’ TALES. Want one? I’m also receiving a shipment from my publisher of OUR SHADOW GARDEN, so if you’d like that instead, I’m happy to send it on to you. How can you win? Go to my author Facebook page and let me know you want one. It’s that simple! A relatively unbiased judge will choose a lucky winner next week. If you send someone else my author page and they tell me you sent them, you’ll be entered TWICE!

Send your gardening questions to me for GardenDishes. I’ll be cranking back up when I return to the real world next week.


happening in my life.

My girls are officially adults.  I didn’t count graduating from college.  Or getting married.  I don’t even consider the fact that my youngest is making me a grandmother come December as grounds for adulthood.  Any 12 year old can do that.  (Well, SOME 12 year olds and glad mine isn’t one of them!)

So what makes a person a grown-up?

Having a home mortgage.

Somehow that monthly check you mail…..or – EFT you transfer – makes you officially no longer a kid.  Maybe not for everyone, but that’s the tipping point in my book.  A house payment is big stuff.  It tells people you mean to stay rooted.

Well, both of my girls are rooted as of this year.  They’ve both bought houses: one in West Texas and the other in Washington, D.C.  I’m not necessarily happy about how far away they live from me, but I am happy they’re thriving. Part of that thriving is that they both put in gardens!  So each daughter went plant-by-plant through my yard,

discussing likes and dislikes, seeing what I could share from my landscape – much of which is edible – that would grow in conditions very different from my spot here in the Pineywoods of East Texas.  One special plant at my house is figs.  Why?  I’m talking about it on GardenDishes today, (along with a recipe for fig preserves) but mainly because of tradition.  And I’m thankful they’re carrying it on for me since I can’t do it anymore…..

a giveaway!

Memorial Day reminds us of the gift of freedom we’ve been given,
albeit by many who paid the ultimate price: their life.

In honor of that, how about if YOU receive a gift for your garden?  I got a box of cool gadgets from DRAMM CORPORATION a few weeks ago and I’ll be sharing them in the next few weeks.

Just go to my FB author page and
comment on the entry to win.
Don’t do Facebook?
Comment on here and I’ll send you the rules.

Don’t forget to thank a veteran, an active military person, or family of someone serving as our country’s protector.
And pray for those who give us the
gift of freedom every day.    c: