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a giveaway!

Memorial Day reminds us of the gift of freedom we’ve been given,
albeit by many who paid the ultimate price: their life.

In honor of that, how about if YOU receive a gift for your garden?  I got a box of cool gadgets from DRAMM CORPORATION a few weeks ago and I’ll be sharing them in the next few weeks.

Just go to my FB author page and
comment on the entry to win.
Don’t do Facebook?
Comment on here and I’ll send you the rules.

Don’t forget to thank a veteran, an active military person, or family of someone serving as our country’s protector.
And pray for those who give us the
gift of freedom every day.    c:

happening in my life.

While gathering photos for upcoming presentations, I ran across this shot I took last spring.  I was taking pictures of the beautiful blooms in my front yard and happened upon this conversation between a baby wren and its mom.
The scene’s all-too-familiar, isn’t it?  Got several photos in the sequence of their discussion, but this one really spoke to me. Is it a mom thing?  It obviously is NOT just a human thing! I decided to enter it into a photography contest.  When I posted it to my Facebook author page with the caption I’d given it – “Can you hear me now?” – I started getting even BETTER captions from y’all, so I’ve decided to make it a contest (thanks for the suggestion, Gail!) to win a copy of my new book out in two weeks, BLOOMIN’ TALES.  So head over to my FB author page and give it your own caption, or just comment on this post with one.  I’ll have an unbiased judge…. or at least a LESS biased judge…. pick a winner.
Hope you’ll come see me if you are in the Little Rock area next Saturday.  It looks like the Arkansas Literary Festival has a GREAT line-up of speakers and I’m hoping to catch up with some of the authors in town for the event. c:

seeds of hope: Join The Conversation!

Join the conversation!  Do you have a story or have you heard someone else’s story that planted a seed of hope?
If so, go to my Facebook author page and share it with us. You can post your own story or a link to one you’ve found.
My garden is full of pass-along plants from friends and family. In that spirit, I am always storing seeds to continue the tradition. So, when you share a story, I will send you a few seeds, because that’s where growth begins.